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I have been a Registered Nurse for almost 20 years in nearly every area of the hospital but mainly Trauma Emergency and ICU. I almost changed careers about 9 years ago and became a Lawyer, mainly inspired by the constant and unrelenting fight of Veterans. I was accepted into Law School, even bought all of my books for the first semester when I was contacted by a prestigious, private gallery in New York regarding representation for my art. Feeling I was jumping from the pot into the frying pan, I picked up my life and like a gypsy, found myself standing smack in the middle of Manhattan...so unprepared. I remained a nurse, still paint and help Veterans fight this belligerent, corrupt system in my spare time. I am good at this, very good not to be a Title 38 Lawyer and was even reprimanded by a Court of Appeals Judge once when he said, I was good (in so many words) but not a Lawyer. I just smiled and wrote the rebuttal anyway. I am not on trial. Not yet anyway.
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A ridiculous amount... www.therevelationpainting.com takes a huge chunk of my time and has for 13 years. I am a little behind, but am getting ready to release a flurry of activity. I've been tied up on an island for about a year and am leaving to the city in the morning...the big city!
Art, painting, saving lives, saving the servant...including myself. Helping you IS good medicine. It is a good anger management release for me. I have a temper and to use it in intelligent writing against this corrupt system, catching them in every little lying, deceiving detail with a smile on my face the hole time is GREAT! My anger stems from PTSD, acquired from my father, a Korean Combat War Veteran who used his children for anger management. I love him and always will and am not angry at him. I am angry at a system that did not give a damn about a man and a country who pretends like they care but really do not. In our family, a wife was destroyed (my mom), and when she became sick, the hospital scanned her brain and there were dead places all over where my father had hit her so many times. I never had a head scan and hope I never have to but now it would not matter, it is over. I owe the old man because he earned my freedom and I appreciate that. He gave me my brains and my mother gave me my art. I am fortunate, it could be much worse.
Favorite Music:
Old time Rock and Roll. Someday I will learn to play the Soprano Saxophone I invested in and stand at the great ocean's tide and play the saddest music in the world!
Favorite TV Shows:
Legal stuff. I stay away from the medical...it is good to get away from that when you can.
Favorite Movies:
ADD/HD keeps me away from the theatre. It is a waste of money in 2 ways. I can't sit that long and I refuse to give my hard earned money to a drug addict, or an actor that makes a million dollars an episode to "act" like me. Just can't support it.
Favorite Books:
Title 38 period.
Favorite Quotes:
"It's not about what you have when you leave this earth, it is about what you leave behind for the earth" ~Revelation Rising~

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